"Design is more than just how it looks and feels. Design is also how it works."

My name is Chad Von Lind, and I'm a craftsman living in beautiful North Idaho with my wife, three children and one hound dog. My interests include graphic design, webdesign, outdoors, bushcraft, leathercraft and other traditional and handmade artisan crafts. I'd love to hear from you if you have a project or idea for one. Bartering is also accepted.

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Business Websites for Work

I've been in the web design and development industry since graduating with an AA in 2002. I've worked as creative director, lead designer, and team member for a local Idaho company for 5 years, as well as contracted for web agencies and individuals abroad.

Custom Leather for Work and Fun

The love of leathercraft is a fairly new development for me, and currently consumes a large portion of my time. You can follow my projects on here as well as my facebook page. You can always message me regarding any project you may be interested in.

Bushcraft and Outdoors for Fun

"The Mountain is calling, and I must go." The wild places are favorite of mine. Spending time in the wilderness, hunting, fishing, hiking and practicing primitive bushcraft skills and learning the woodlore is a hobby that reminds me of just how small I am in a great big world.

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  • We can discuss your website project over coffee.

  • Message me with questions or comments.

  • My FB pages are Von Lind Leather and Craft & Lore.

Some of my web work

I'm a specialist in WordPress and Content Management Systems and eCommerce for Business Websites. As a specialist, I have the training, knowledge and experience required to design for your business, and provide you with the keys to manage your website content on the fly. Contact me for your WordPress and business website development project.

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